[linux-audio-user] FINALE 2000 - WINE ???

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Thu Mar 4 04:33:22 EST 2004

On Wednesday 03 Mar 2004 12:49 pm, robcanning wrote:
> i had another look but still can't see anything up to scratch

No, there isn't anything comparable to Finale.

Lilypond can do almost everything you mention, with extremely good 
results -- it compares very favourably to Finale -- but it is not a 
GUI application.  There are various other GUI programs that can help 
write Lilypond files (NoteEdit, Rosegarden and Denemo are your best 
bets) but none is as WYSIWYG or has such complete support as you 
would need, and certainly none is able to read Finale files.  (Of 
course you could use Recordare's Dolet plugin to get MusicXML from 
Finale and import that -- NoteEdit is currently the only one of the 
above able to import MusicXML.)

But if I were a serious Finale user I'd stick to trying to get it to 
work under Wine for now.

> the link to mscore seems to be broken, or the page is down...

Looks to have disappeared.  I'd rather like to know what happened to 
it, because it was a worthwhile approach -- quite a rigorous 
page-based GUI very much in the style of Sibelius.  Last release I 
saw was not actually usable yet though.

Can't actually be any help with your real question I'm afraid: I've 
never tried Finale under Wine.


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