[linux-audio-user] Event Electronics reply to my letter re: driver for EZBus

Kent, Gary gkent at mhc.edu
Fri Mar 5 15:02:55 EST 2004

Hi all:
	I recvd. permission from Event Electronics to forward this reply
shown below that they gave to me re: Linux drivers for their USB Audio
Interface/Controller/Mixer.  For anyone else considering writing a
manufacturer I thought that I would mention how appreciative they were
when asked for permission first before forwarding their replies to this
list.  I thought it was pretty good news. 

Ok, take care, 


Subject: RE: question about mac os10 and Linux

Hello Gary and greetings from Event,

Thank you for owning an EZbus digital mixer.  I'm glad you have had a
good experience with Event and your EZbus.  I am a Mac guy myself, and
wish that complete drivers were coded for the Mac platform, but
unfortunately they were not ported to Mac.  There are third party Linux
drivers that are being worked on right now for both the EZ8 and EZbus.
I do believe they will be submitted to the ALSA project, but I can not
be sure.  As the EZbus gets older, I am more and more strongly
petitioning for source code release of the drivers to the ALSA project.
I'm getting closer by the day.

Thank you for the support, and hopefully good things will come out of
this. Take care and let me know if you have any further questions,
comments or concerns.

Josh Dugan 
Event Electronics, LLC.

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