[linux-audio-user] Digitech (DoD) RP-10 and Midi controlers...

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Fri Mar 5 16:00:36 EST 2004

Has anyone ever owned a Digitech RP-10 (Guitar multi fx pedal)and have
some explicit info on the midi stuff within?

I'm trying to use the midi controllers on the RP-10 to control AMS
reverb and delay modules that run on my PA. I want to be able to simply
switch off reverb / delays between songs when I'm speaking on the mic. 

I can get the volume pedal on the board to show as a continuous
controller and it pops up in the parameter window in AMS. But the switch
pedals, although assignable to midi, dont seem to show. The manual fro
the RP-10 states that the midi transmitted data will be from the pedal
on Ch 1 and that the other data it sends is "program change" data. That
is when you switch from one bank on the pedal to another. But it is not
recognized in AMS as is the CC pedal. 

I'm no midi genius...I wonder what the "program change" data is and what
I might use to recognize it within linux audio?


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