[linux-audio-user] Tool for concatening wav files?

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Fri Mar 5 17:15:31 EST 2004


>>> I have looked at the sox man page...

>> ecasound would be better :)

> ... If you're just trying to
> "glue" fileA.wav to the end of fileB.wav, the you can use "ecalength" to 
> find the length of fileA.wav....
> [bash] ecalength fileA.wav
> --> 213.542 (seconds)
> then do...
> ecasound -i:fileA.wav -t:213.542 -o:fileB.wav -y:213.542

Actually you would find the length of fileB.wav...
[bash] ecalength fileB.wav
--> fileB.wav: 240.658s         (4m1s)

Then do...
ecasound -i:fileA.wav -o:fileB.wav -y:240.658

I just downloaded and compiled "sndfile-concat" and it's much easier. It 
will even glue files of different types and bit rates without having to 
convert them first (but not files with different number of channels).

You might want to use ecasound for "splicing" differnt files into other 
files. Of course, it's also an (complete) multitracker, effect processor 
(and much more actually).


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