[linux-audio-user] Good Sound Card for Pro Multitracking

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Mon Mar 8 14:29:58 EST 2004

Polashek, Matthew wrote:
> I would simply prefer to be able to hit 96K.  I definitely need an external
> A/D/D/A unit for sound quality reasons.  I can probably use external mic
> pre-amps.  I have been considering using a Presonus DIGImaxLt with a RME
> Hammerfall 9652 but I think it ends up being cheaper to get an outboard box
> with balanced ins and outs and throwing some kind of 8 channel mic pre in
> front of it, unless there was a less expensive ALSA compatible option that
> had 8 mic pres and 8 outs.

OK. Well, 8-10 inputs of 96K A/D is going to cost you, but I'd guess 
your best bet under Linux is probably an RME card of some type, with one 
of their external 96KHz D/As.

Look into the RME HDSP line. The low end of what might work for you 
would be the HDSP MultiFace. I think the drivers for that work pretty well.

Higher end I'd look at maybe a Hammerfall Light (Digi9636) With an ADI-8 
Pro maybe. Good sound. Please double check that the ADI-8 Pro stills 
supports the full 8 channels at 96KHz. It has enough ADAT interfaces to 
do this but I'm finding the web page lacking on this fact.

You'd certainly have more choices sticking with 44.1/48K for lower cost 
converters, but you sound interested in 96K so this limits your options 
with RME cards anyway.

Don't get the stand alone HDSP9652 or HDSP9636 until you make sure the 
Linux drivers will do what you need.

Good luck,

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