[linux-audio-user] Kernel 2.6.x latency

Jack O'Quin joq at io.com
Thu Mar 11 15:32:15 EST 2004

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki <eric at zhevny.com> writes:

> insmod /usr/src/realtime-0.0.3/realtime.ko allcaps=1 gid=29

There's nothing wrong with this.

> I build it, but don't run the make install since doing so wipes out
> all other modules. That's why I use insmod instead of a modprobe. (I'm
> open to suggestions on better ways if they exist.)

What happens when you run `make install'?

If you have KERNEL_DIR set correctly, it *should* reinstall all the
modules configured for your kernel sources.  To save time, I usually
do the kernel `make modules' but no `make modules_install'.  Then, the
realtime `make install' will install everything once.

If we can figure out what's going wrong, I should at least make the
INSTALL instructions clearer.

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