[linux-audio-user] ppc audio input..

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Fri Mar 12 07:32:56 EST 2004


dmotd wrote:

>  run the g3 dual boot with macos9 *shock horror*, and to my surprise
>  i have now lost the ability to get any sound input..

this probably won't make you feel any better, but I had a similar 
problem with two different Powerbook Pismos [thus proving it to be a 
real issue instead of a fluke! ;-) ] also under Gentoo dual booting with 
OSX. Output was fine, but input either cut out or was abnormally 
amplified, giving lots of "digital dirt" in the input but still not 
really letting any other sound through.

Funny thing is that one of the computers has almost *never* booted to 
OSX, and the other had this problem before it was even given a chance 
to. The second seemed to work fine once in OSX, but I don't know how the 
dual-boot affects it on the Linux side before the OSX has even run. 
Seems more like a normal driver problem.


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