[linux-audio-user] Kernel 2.6.x latency

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki eric at zhevny.com
Sun Mar 14 21:10:11 EST 2004

Jack O'Quin wrote:
> Eric Dantan Rzewnicki <rzewnickie at rfa.org> writes:
>>I think it's related to the fact that I build kernel deb packages w/
>>make-kpkg. I'm at work right now, and feeling somewhat under the
>>weather so I probably won't get to it tonight. 
> Ah!  No hurry.  I wouldn't expect that to work, anyway.
> Some of the Debian multimedia folks are talking about packaging and
> distributing it.  So, that may become a lot easier, eventually.
>>I'll see if I can sort it out this weekend when I'm planning to move
>>up to the 2.6.4 kernel.
> If you're going to build with 2.6.4, you'll need the newest version,
> realtime-0.0.4.  Linus recently changed the way concurrent groups are
> stored in the task structure (actually, they're not in the task
> structure anymore).  I'm building 2.6.4 to test with it as we speak.
> My thanks to Martin Habets for pointing out what needed to be done.
> This version *should* work either way, it's in the usual place...
>   http://www.joq.us/realtime

I have 2.6.4 working with the realtime-0.0.4 module. I didn't have time 
to investigate getting it to fit into a debian kernel package, so I just 
made it separately again and continue to insmod it from 

I did take a quick look at the make-kpkg man page. The --added-modules 
foo option might be of interest. I think it's meant to build modules 
from source directories outside the kernel tree and perhaps include them 
in the kernel deb package(?). But, I didn't have chance to play with it.

-Eric Rz.

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