[linux-audio-user] RE: Live audio sampler

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Mar 16 07:04:30 EST 2004

On Tue, Mar 16, 2004 at 12:27:42 +0100, Dave Griffiths wrote:
> > Even Specimen is a bit overly complicated, I literally want to be 
> > able to trigger samples whilst playing keyboards etc if that makes 
> > sense. I've created somthing similar in VB for Windows, which is 
> > basically a grid of buttons, each one linked to a sound file,
> >  configurable by an ini file I keep with the executable. Obviously 
> > I'd like to do something similar under Linux.
> clockloop?:
> http://plugin.org.uk/clockloop/

Clockloop cant even do triggered sample playback :) its that primitive.

- Steve

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