[linux-audio-user] RE: Live audio sampler

Benjamin Flaming lau at solobanjo.com
Tue Mar 16 11:47:35 EST 2004

On Tuesday 16 March 2004 05:15 am, daniel.vincent at blueyonder.co.uk wrote:
> Even Specimen is a bit overly complicated, I literally want to be able to
> trigger samples whilst playing keyboards etc if that makes sense. I've
> created somthing similar in VB for Windows, which is basically a grid of
> buttons, each one linked to a sound file, configurable by an ini file I
> keep with the executable. Obviously I'd like to do something similar under
> Linux.

     Have you looked into Hydrogen?  If you ignore the pattern/song editors, 
and just use the mixer, it might be exactly what you want:



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