[linux-audio-user] Jack 0.95 Mandrake 10.0 Rc1, Kernel 2.6.2, alsa, etc...

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Thu Mar 18 14:09:40 EST 2004

Been trying to get a system up with the newest kernel in Mandrake's
distro 10.0 rc 1.

If anyone is up successfully with this setup can you give a rundown on
your system setup? 

I'm running a Shuttle AK39n Mobo w/ via chipset, Athalon XP 2500,

I see Alsa load drivers but have no sound as yet. 

I run Jackd from Qjackctl...runs first time as user. If I stop it, it
wont start again. Should Jack be leaving the temp files in /tmp when it
shuts off? I did set up tmpfs on /tmp like on 2.4.whatever it was. 

When I do run jackd not as root, I fire up Ardour and it cant see jack.

Austin, you out there?? 



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