[linux-audio-user] OmniStudio USB

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Mar 26 12:24:00 EST 2004

sigir hat gesagt: // sigir wrote:

> I'm looking for a soundcard for a laptop : PCMCIA, USB 2.0 or
> FireWire.

USB 2.0 has only just recently neen added to alsa-CVS, so it's still
experimental. Firewire is even worse, AFAIK. 

> The RME Multiface is a little expensive, so I look for USB devices.

Most USB 1.1 devices generally work. 

> I had never see a "USB compliancy sticker". What it is ?

See http://www.usb.org/developers/compliance/logo/ for official info.
Those are the four logos to look out for, but they can only be used on
compliancy tested equiment, which costs some money, abnd this some
manufacturers don't use them. Their devices still may work, but at
least in the case of the Quattro et al. it gave problems on 2.6. 

There is another USB logo which is more often and looks a bit like a
trident. That one only certifies compliance of cables and connectors
and thus basically is useless (of course even the Quattro has
connectors that can be connected to USB ports)

In the high end deparment, I can recommend the Terratec Phase26 or the
Tascam devices and the Edirol things, on the low-end, SOundblasters
are fine or the Terratec Aureon USB, which is what I replaced my
stupid Quattro with.


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