[linux-audio-user] OmniStudio USB

sigir sigir at free.fr
Thu Mar 25 17:41:05 EST 2004

Frank Barknecht a écrit :

> sigir hat gesagt: // sigir wrote:

> > http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/index.php3?vendor=vendor-MAudio#matrix
> > there is the USB Audio Quattro, but the USB Audio Omni Studio is "untested".
> > On M-Audio site, they said that it's the same as Quattro with some
> > features more.
> > Do you know if OmniStudio USB works with Linux? (Debian)

> I don't know about the Omni, but  the Quattro still isn't supported on
> kernel 2.6. I'd say: If you need to buy a USB device, stay clear of
> M-Audio USB soundcards. Some work, but several models violate the USB
> specification. Better take no risk, only buy devices with a USB
> compliancy sticker on it.

I'm looking for a soundcard for a laptop : PCMCIA, USB 2.0 or

The RME Multiface is a little expensive, so I look for USB devices.

I had never see a "USB compliancy sticker". What it is ?

Danke shön


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