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R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 29 12:03:23 EST 2004

Hi Gary,

--- "Kent, Gary" <gkent at mhc.edu> wrote:
> Steve,
> 	Sorry to be a pest, but does the Hammerfall Lite
> fall right into
> the box on Linux?  If I'm seeing right there is not
> the possibility with
> this card to have playback without a computer since
> it is nothing but
> optical ports, with no 1/8" or 1/4" jacks?

I own a digi9652. The card has three ADAT lightpipe
banks, one SPDIF, nine pin ADAT sync and wordclock.

> Lite card is what I
> have been leaning towards but want to be really sure
> about it because I
> am researching a whole new setup based around a good
> optical card.

I am guessing you've got a mixer and are building a
studio. It's probably safe to suggest that you can
never have to much I/O. My RME card does not have MIDI
but I see the newer ones do. I think that's an
interesting feature because ADAT, wordclock and MIDI
are all on one card where they occupy one pci slot and
one IRQ. My experience is that I never have to many
pci slots. Having everything on one card just seems
ideal to me.

It's to bad some people are experiencing problems with
the newer HDSP card. 
> Just out of curiosity, what preamps and such do you
> interface to this
> card with?  
I have a Tascam DM-24. I think you can buy them used
for $2,000.00 U.S. For the price, it's a great board.
Of course Tascam preamps and EQs have always sucked
which is one reason their boards are so inexpensive. I
"insert" the preamps/EQs from a Soundtrac Solo into
the Tascam.

I also have a couple Yamaha AW4416. Of course their
preamps and EQs are on a par with the DM-24 but their
A/D is even worse. I have clients who own HDD for
these things and when doing their sessions I route
Solo -> DM-24 (insert) -> AW4416.
> Mark Knecht: 
> 	You said that you didn't use the Lite card much
> under Linux but
> that it worked ok, and sorry to be a pest here, but
> were there
> deficiencies somewhere with this card that caused
> you to yank it out?	

Does the Lite have wordclock? I think the digi9652 is
the digi9632 with a daughter board that has wordclock
and one more ADAT bank. The daughter board doesn't
require a pci slot but it does bolt into pci slot

I get confused with the RME model names. The one I own
and am referring to is an older card. I've never had a
problem with its drivers.


> >> I also own a Hammerfall Light. It worked under
> Linux, but I didn;t
> use it much. Some time ago I removed it and it's
> sitting on my desk
> begging for a machine to go into.
> 	That wouldn't be a sales offer, would it?  ;>)
> Many thanks again,
> gk

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