[linux-audio-user] Instrument Tuner: fmit 0.9.0

Gilles Degottex gilles.degottex at net2000.ch
Tue Nov 23 08:28:29 EST 2004

On Tuesday 23 November 2004 11:43, Wolfgang Woehl wrote:
> * http://download.gna.org/fmit/fmit-0.9.0.tar.bz2 seems to be missing 
> "Makefile.unroll" so there are no make targets. Can't configure or 
> build it.
fixed now in http://download.gna.org/fmit/fmit-0.9.1.tar.bz2
I'll switch to "auto"tools as fast as I can ..... in the joy and the good 
mood .......

> * Isn't "Capture system" actually a debugging element? I think there is 
> no real need for it from a user's/tuner's point of view.
setting, connecting and mixing to get capture working is not always easy for 
everybody. sometimes sound servers are not working or simply not launched, 
alsa services are not started, modules not loaded or what ever and the user 
stay behind a blank window and dont know what he should do. This element is 
just there to say: "everything is ready, just play your instrument now". It's 
like the small led in the corner of your handheld tuner which light on when 
you push the power button.
I'll keep this information visible, but not important as it is, okay.

> The levelmeter  
> above it is about 6 pixels high on my box. It's yellow and 
> therefore a bit hard to see.
that's the volume meter, it's not really usefull, that's why I did a small 
one :) but I raised it now.
> * Maybe think about changing the name "Error history". If it wasn't for 
> talking about it it wouldn't even need a name because you immediately 
> grasp the concept when you see it in action. "Error history" sounds so 
> -- hm, oppressive to the poor tuner's ear who's trying really hard to 
> master the art of tuning :)
lol, I dont usualy speak english, that's why some "translations" comes from 
nowhere :)
could you suggest me another name ? (maybe it dont need any name, but I want 
one to refere it in the settings dialog)

> * I'd expect "Pause" to turn off all rendering/updating in the gui and 
> processing of audio. After having tuned an instrument I would hit 
> "Pause" to completely free the CPU from fmit and later come back with 
> another instrument
hum, already exist and shortcuted to the space bar.

> -- fmit being ready with one mouse-click. Instead it  
> disconnects any jack-connections and unregisters from jack. Unexpected 
> behaviour I think.
I currently stop then restart the sound capture to simulate a pause state.
It's usefull when you have to reset the capture system, just hit twice the 
pause button.
to avoid register at each unpause, you can add your prefered jack source in 
the settings dialog.
Should I concider add a real reset button and do a real pause button ?

> * To my taste "Dominant note" could be bigger
> [...]
yes, this part of the interface is not really clear, I'll thing about it.

> ps: 
> [...]
> maybe we should all start to use reply-to-list in order to keep answers   
> and questions together. People might not be getting it and they'd be 
> missing a true gem.
done :)

> Gilles Degottex <gilles.degottex at net2000.ch>:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I released fmit (free music instrument tuner) v 0.9.0
> >
> > JACK is now supported
> >
> > https://gna.org/projects/fmit/
> >
> > I'm looking for testers to be sure to release a bug-free 1.0 version
> > :)
> >
> > Enjoy,
> > Gilles

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