[linux-audio-user] Instrument Tuner: fmit 0.9.0

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Tue Nov 23 18:55:57 EST 2004

Gilles Degottex <gilles.degottex at net2000.ch>:
> On Tuesday 23 November 2004 11:43, Wolfgang Woehl wrote:

> > -- fmit being ready with one mouse-click. Instead it
> > disconnects any jack-connections and unregisters from jack.
> > Unexpected behaviour I think.
> I currently stop then restart the sound capture to simulate a pause
> state. It's usefull when you have to reset the capture system, just
> hit twice the pause button.
> to avoid register at each unpause, you can add your prefered jack
> source in the settings dialog.
> Should I concider add a real reset button and do a real pause button
> ?

The whole point is: In a recording session you set up a certain 
connection jack <-> fmit. You use fmit -- which has an appetite for cpu 
cycles -- and then you want to release the cpu from fmit. So you want 
to halt it's operation.

But you don't want to manually setup the connection again. You want to 
hit a button and have fmit back connected to where you left it. 
"Preferred jack source" is not always applicable, it's session 
specific. fmit could remember it's connections and restore them 
whatever they were, right?

Something else: Feeding for example 880 hz out of the audio analyzer 
"jaaa" (http://users.skynet.be/solaris/linuxaudio) into fmit the 
measured frequency in fmit says ~886 hz. The sine jaaa generates has 
measurable harmonics. Do they account for the error?


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