[linux-audio-user] Switching from a MOTU828mk2 to RME Cards?

Erik Thorsson ethorsson at neoprimitive.net
Tue Feb 1 09:08:06 EST 2005

I have been using a MOTU 828mkII under Windows and love it to death. 
All those ins and outs are great.  ~2.3ms latency on my 2.4GHz laptop. 
So sad that it doesn't work under Linux.

I was thinking of switching to an RME Multiface, too.  The only bummer 
there is no hi-z guitar level inputs, or mic pres on those boxes.  I'm 
sure the ones on the 828mkII are only so-so, but seeing as I don't have 
any stand alone mic pres, it would be a big loss for me.


Reuben Martin wrote:
> This is quite a big leap your making. As much as I like to promote Linux
> based pro-audio, you should make very sure that changing out your entire
> system like that won't cause you problems.
>>I am gearing towards an RME Hammerfall card
>>and a behringer A8000 adat interface.
> I would rather recommend buying the Alesis AI-3 if you want to use the
> ADAT interface. This gives you more freedom to use various preamps.
> (IMO, berhringer's preamps suck) If you've got money you may want to
> invest in a nice preamp.
> http://www.soundpure.com/browseProductType.do?id=5
> -Reuben

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