[linux-audio-user] (no subject)

Jon Morin jon.j.morin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 09:52:17 EST 2005

>>I have a fair old pile of old cassette tapes that need going through at some
>>point. Ug. Fortunately I had a moment of clarity in 2000, when I found myself
>>in possession of the original 4-track cassette machine, mixing desk and
>>MiniDisc recorder and dumped all my 4-track demos on to MD. This came in very
>>handy when I decided to digitize them last year.

Boy, do I wish that I'd done something like that earlier :)  I did not
have access to any type of digital recorder at that time, though, and
did not even begin to dream of using a computer for music until around
2000, at which point I'd already lost the 4 track recorder.  I know a
few MD users who swear by them, although I've never used one myself.


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