[linux-audio-user] head phones processor

John Ouzts jouzts at mcgalumni.com
Mon Feb 7 17:20:12 EST 2005


By way of odd, somewhat related observations, I recently got a new receiver 
which has DTS Neo:6 surround decoding.  There is slight phasiness about the 
Neo:6 sound when used on a pure Blumlein X/Y recording that made me think it 
might work to externalize the stereo image when using headphones.  (The 
surround sound seems shoved away from the listener toward the side walls of 
the hall.) After reading your posts, it tried listening to the front channels 
only on headphones. It definitely works. Of course, that leaves open the 
question of what to do with the rear channels. 

I read that some think DTS Neo:6 is good for decoding Ambisonic UHJ 
recordings, but it is clearly doing more than the old UHJ decoders, for which 
the formulas are readily available on the Internet and which did not seem to 
have the same kind of phasiness.

Does anyone know anything about the theory behind DTS Neo:6?


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