[linux-audio-user] head phones processor

davidrclark at earthlink.net davidrclark at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 7 17:49:56 EST 2005

Hi Arnold,

> So maybe someone 
> could combine these two and produce a stereoset of IR's of the following 
> scenario:
>  - A normal-to-good studio room with reasonable acoustics.
>  - A pair of studio-speakers (which most of you seem to have) and a 
> binaural-recording-mic in the optimal stereo-listening position.
> The resulting sound (after feeding this IR into jack_convolve, etc.) should 
> (from my experience and understanding) be as if you are listening the music 
> in the studio...

> Thats what I wish, perhaps someone has the resources to create this.

If I understood your request correctly, I have already done what you have
asked for.  Sorry if you missed my previous postings or misunderstood the


The program to produce IR's for the situation you described is Boxster.
The program to do stereo convolution is contained in Mixster.  You could
also use Flo's recent program for this, provided it accepted WAV IR's.
Steve Harris has worked on LADSPA plugins for doing convolution, also,
but I'm not aware of the latest.  Mine is non-realtime whereas Flo's is
realtime.  Making mine realtime would be very straightforward.  I've also
offered a whole set of IR's for a large concert hall.  These IR's produce
binaural images complete with reverb, echo, equalization, "panning," etc.
There are other IR's available on the web, but I've not heard any that
were binaural, nor have I heard any that I considered to be very good,
possibly because they were recorded rather than calculated.

I'm willing to help serious potential users, but not students with a semester
project nor those who like to try everything out to see how it works.
Been there, done that (times 20 or more including other projects over the
years).  I don't mind at all helping professors in constructing class 
materials, but I have not done that yet with this work.


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