[linux-audio-user] persistent emu10k1 capture channels problem

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Mon Feb 7 20:12:59 EST 2005

Lee Revell wrote:

>On Mon, 2005-02-07 at 16:06 -0500, Rick Wright wrote:
>>I am still unable to get more than 2 capture channels.  I've set the 
>>"interface", "input device", & "output device" as described by Shayne.  
>>I also renamed my .asoundrc file to .asoundrc.bak (this will prevent it 
>>from being used, right?).  This configuration gives me 2 capture and 16 
>>playback channels.  Further, it only works if I set the number of input 
>>channels to 0 or 2 and the number of output channels to 0 or 16.  
>>Otherwise, I get an error: ALSA cannot set channel count to X for 
>>capture/playback....  Now, I have also just updated qjackctl to 0.2.15 
>>and am getting the same behavior.  BTW, I am only trying to use Audio 
>>channels, no MIDI.
I can confirm I am getting the *exact* same problem now - although, I
don't know why this is only giving me 2 capture ports all of a sudden -
up until I applied the 009 patch, i was seeing 16 capture ports in
qjackctl ...

>Probably you have the "EFX Voices Mask" control set to only capture two
>channels, which was the previous default.  With a new ALSA the hw:0,2
>device captures 16 channels by default.  But, if your old mixer state is
>getting restored every time you install the new ALSA, then it's possible
>the change would not take effect.
>Try removing your asound.state (it should be in /etc or maybe somewere
>under /var), then installing the new ALSA modules.  Also version 008 is
>not recommended because there are serious bugs.

I did this (even though my asound.state file should have had the proper
setting I think), but still no cigar ...

I'm not too worried about this at the moment (not doing any simultaneoud
recording of inputs ... yet), but just thought I'd mention as it seems a
bit strange.


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