[linux-audio-user] persistent emu10k1 capture channels problem

André Alves Pereira andre.pereira at ig.com.br
Mon Feb 7 22:06:13 EST 2005

Em Seg 07 Fev 2005 23:12, Shayne O'Connor escreveu:

> I can confirm I am getting the *exact* same problem now - although, I
> don't know why this is only giving me 2 capture ports all of a sudden -
> up until I applied the 009 patch, i was seeing 16 capture ports in
> qjackctl ...

May be because this:

"- The multiple input capture feature described above was merged into
ALSA CVS, so this is no longer included in the patch.  If you only need
the multichannel capture feature and not the playback, you can just use
ALSA CVS.  I can't be certain of the mappings from inputs to JACK ports
on every possible card model, though it should be similar to the kX
driver.  If in doubt, you can use meterbridge to monitor all 16 capture

André Magoo

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