[linux-audio-user] persistent emu10k1 capture channels problem

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Mon Feb 7 23:37:48 EST 2005

André Alves Pereira wrote:

>Em Seg 07 Fev 2005 23:12, Shayne O'Connor escreveu:
>>I can confirm I am getting the *exact* same problem now - although, I
>>don't know why this is only giving me 2 capture ports all of a sudden -
>>up until I applied the 009 patch, i was seeing 16 capture ports in
>>qjackctl ...
>May be because this:
>"- The multiple input capture feature described above was merged into
>ALSA CVS, so this is no longer included in the patch.  If you only need
>the multichannel capture feature and not the playback, you can just use
>ALSA CVS.  I can't be certain of the mappings from inputs to JACK ports
>on every possible card model, though it should be similar to the kX
>driver.  If in doubt, you can use meterbridge to monitor all 16 capture
>André Magoo
ok, i downloaded the latest cvs alsa-driver package, and tried applying
the 009 patch, this being what happened:

[mrmachine at localhost alsa-driver]$ patch -p1 <
can't find file to patch at input line 8
Perhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?
The text leading up to this was:
|Index: alsa-old/alsa-kernel/include/emu10k1.h
|RCS file: /cvsroot/alsa/alsa-kernel/include/emu10k1.h,v
|retrieving revision 1.54
|diff -u -r1.54 emu10k1.h
|--- alsa-old/alsa-kernel/include/emu10k1.h     2 Feb 2005 11:52:45
-0000      1.54
|+++ alsa-old/alsa-kernel/include/emu10k1.h     3 Feb 2005 17:58:53 -0000
File to patch:

hmmmm .... me know nothing from this moment in :(

so, the way i understand it, the multi-channel capture component of
lee's patch should be part of the alsa cvs package ... and the 009 patch
adds the multi-channel playback ...

is the way i did it above how you're actually supposed to apply the patch?

i don't know ... i might just go back to the version 008 patch, as that
was working quite well for me ... well, good enough :)


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