[linux-audio-user] ld10k1 - success stories?

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Tue Feb 8 18:13:54 EST 2005

Lee Revell wrote:

>On Mon, 2005-02-07 at 23:54 -0500, John Check wrote:
>>It crashes kmix when things change but IIRC you get the AC97 
>>section + whatever you define in alsamixer (or aumix, what have you)
>>IOW you can apparently define the whole signal path
>I would like to develop a hardware specific mixer for the emu10k1 using
>ld10k1 as the backend.  The generic OS provided mixer facilities will
>never work well for this card because the control space is flat.  Please
>mail me if you are interested this project, especially if you know
>anything about GUI programming (I don't).
this is *desperately* needed ...

in my travels, i found the gemu mixer (http://www.roadfeldt.com) which
is described as thus:

> Gemu is a gnome application designed to control sound cards based on
> the EMU10K1 platform by Creative Labs <http://www.creative.com>. I am
> not trying to develop an application that gives an overly aggresive
> ability to change every little aspect of the sound card. Rather I am
> trying to make an app that gives you control what you hear and where
> it comes from, in a simply manor. I thought a more simplified approach
> was best. Honestly, how often do you want the left channel of the
> digital output of the cd-rom to go to the right channel of the
> headphone jack? I didn't think so. This is why gemu gives you control
> over both left and right channels when you select an source or a
> destination. 

hmmm ... not sure about the author's assumptions on what one would want
to do in regards to routing, though :\

i haven't been able to get this working, though - just get a segfault
when trying to launch it - so i don't know how far it goes to making
emu10k1 card options clear.

i would be interested in helping with some of the graphic design needs
of any gui, and anything else i can get my head around ...

if anyone on the list has some links to info on how to build User
Interfaces/GUI's, it would be much appreciated!


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