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tim hall tech at
Sun Feb 13 07:02:13 EST 2005

Last Sunday 13 February 2005 08:07, Noah Roberts was like:
> Rosegarden just doesn't seem to be working for me.  The keyboard
> connection is initialized according to configuration panel-> midi
> stats.  I can load a midi and play it to the keyboard using rosegarden.
> But for one thing there are no instruments to choose from.  Both right
> click on a track and going to find 'instrument' in the menus yeilds a
> blank menu.
> Second, the "midi connection manager" is not working as described.  I
> can create new devices in both play and record but I cannot connect them
> to the soundcard connection to my keyboard.  The choice is in the
> dropdown, but when I click on it the "No Connection" item remains selected.
> When I try to record I get a "No record instrument selected."  I think
> it wants me to select a non-existant instrument?
> What am I missing?

Uhm, Instruments?
(just a thought ;-)

Rosegarden doesn't actually contain any instruments as such. If your version 
is compiled with DSSI support, you will be able to use synth plugins. Else 
you need to connect to a softsynth via JACK. I generally launch QJackCtl and 
QSynth (fluidsynth gui) and then Rosegarden.

I trust you are already familiar with these:
(there is a German translation too)

Forgive me if you have already figured all this. I find a statement of the PBO 
can often be helpful at times like these. :-)


tim hall

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