[linux-audio-user] Basic microphone recording via SBlive

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Tue Feb 15 01:12:05 EST 2005

I'm stumped yet again trying to do the most elementary
kindergarten excercise of plugging in a cheap mic into
my early SBlive and capture the input via arecord. I've
managed to get it working, once upong a time, by turning
everything up but now I'd like to isolate exactly what
is required in alsamixer to get this to work so I can
document it at alsa.opensrc.org.

Simple wav playback...

Master 71% (unmute)
PCM 71% (unmute)
Wave 72%

... is the above correct ?

Simple wav record...

(as above, plus...)

Mic 71% (unmute) (capture on)
Mic Boost (unmute) - optional

What do I need to add to record the SBlive mic ?


On a related note there is something strange with the
3 screen views of alsamixer... the F4 Capture page shows
CD | Mic | Video | Phone without volume sliders but hese
4 items do not appear, as is, on the F5 All screen ?

Specific bonus question, how do the 4 items on the F4
Capture page relate to the 4 similar named itmes on the
F5 All page that do show volume sliders, mute and capture
options ?

That kinda leads to yet another question, what is the
proper proccedure to deal with either or both these
sets of options ?


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