[linux-audio-user] Basic microphone recording via SBlive

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Tue Feb 15 05:23:06 EST 2005

Peter Zubaj wrote:
> You need to set capture to "Mic" and "Capture". In alsamixer both (Mic
> and Capture) sliders should have "CAPTUR" flag. And you need to set
> "AC97 Capture" volume (best to 100%). Set Capture to 0 first, because
> this slider amlify inputs.

Argh! I spent ages working through various combinations and
had no idea what Peter was referring to... until I looked at
the alsamixer F5 All screen... and there was "AC97 Capture"!

Why on earth is that setting missing from the F4 Capture screen ?

>> On a related note there is something strange with the
>> 3 screen views of alsamixer... the F4 Capture page shows
>> CD | Mic | Video | Phone without volume sliders but hese
>> 4 items do not appear, as is, on the F5 All screen.
>> Specific bonus question, how do the 4 items on the F4
>> Capture page relate to the 4 similar named itmes on the
>> F5 All page that do show volume sliders, mute and capture
>> options ?

Anyone know what the difference between these are ?


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