[linux-audio-user] Basic microphone recording via SBlive

John Check j4strngs at bitless.net
Mon Feb 21 21:15:49 EST 2005

On Tuesday 15 February 2005 05:23 am, Mark Constable wrote:
> Peter Zubaj wrote:
> > You need to set capture to "Mic" and "Capture". In alsamixer both (Mic
> > and Capture) sliders should have "CAPTUR" flag. And you need to set
> > "AC97 Capture" volume (best to 100%). Set Capture to 0 first, because
> > this slider amlify inputs.
> Argh! I spent ages working through various combinations and
> had no idea what Peter was referring to... until I looked at
> the alsamixer F5 All screen... and there was "AC97 Capture"!
> Why on earth is that setting missing from the F4 Capture screen ?
> >> On a related note there is something strange with the
> >> 3 screen views of alsamixer... the F4 Capture page shows
> >> CD | Mic | Video | Phone without volume sliders but hese
> >> 4 items do not appear, as is, on the F5 All screen.

The F4 page shows the capture toggles for AC'97 sources.
These share a common gain slider (Capture). The Capture
"buss" has it's own toggle which can be used as a master toggle for all AC'97
record sources.
Digital sources (including PCM sources like Wave and Music) can all be armed 

> >>
> >> Specific bonus question, how do the 4 items on the F4
> >> Capture page relate to the 4 similar named itmes on the
> >> F5 All page that do show volume sliders, mute and capture
> >> options ?

The playback section sliders for the sources in question provide the initial 
gain level to the capture buss. The rest of the sources have individual 
independent sends.

If you look at how things are set up with a LiveDrive, the headphone buss
is functionally equivalent to how you'd have things set up in a studio, which 
is sensible. It taps off of the record capture. One can set up an independent 
mix for the speakers and the headphones, and record buss.

If anybody is interested in a more in depth explanation I'll try and write up 
a web page

> Anyone know what the difference between these are ?
> --markc

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