[linux-audio-user] Jack-Rack / FreeWheeling patch posting etiquette

JP Mercury swirlee at stickist.com
Tue Feb 15 14:09:37 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I'm getting ready to release Freewheeling 0.5pre3, where the focus has been
interoperability with other linux audio apps. As part of the release I intend
to include some scripts for loading FreeWheeling along with other RT apps like
Jack-Rack and Hexter. My intent is to show how Jack apps can be loaded and
configured automatically from the command line (hopefully LASH will become the
standard for this, but we are here now).

I'd like to include with my release of FreeWheeling a patch to jack-rack 1.4.3
which adds a simple feature to load a .rack file from the command line. My
scripts make use of this feature to preload FX racks for FreeWheeling. 

Any ideas on the etiquette on including a patch in my source distribution? Is
the author of Jack-Rack awake on this list? The patch would be separate from
the make branch, in a scripts/ folder. 


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