[linux-audio-user] LAC 2005 streaming: CfP

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Tue Feb 15 15:07:55 EST 2005

hello everyone !

the linux audio conference 2005 @ zkm (http://lac.zkm.de) is drawing 
near, and it's time to get the streaming network up and running again.

like last year, the idea is to stream all the lectures and discussions 
live over the net, and to provide webcams with either stills every 30 
secs or (if we can pull it off) theora video streaming. of course we 
will also provide IRC channels for online participation.

currently, i'm looking for people who are willing to host a streaming 
relay server based on icecast2.
for our primary relays, we will need servers with >= 10 mbits of 
bandwidth (smaller links would put too much load on the master server),
however, folks with less bandwidth are welcome to join in as well, but 
they will have to pull their streams off a secondary server.

if you can donate some time and bandwidth and want to have fun with live 
streaming, please holler now. please also indicate whether you would be 
willing to participate in a sort of "stand-by streaming network" that 
could easily reactivated for other linux-audio-related events (i'm 
cc:ing tim hall who is putting together a conference in the uk later 
this year, and maybe conrad could use it too for the linux audio 
miniconf in australia...)

also on the  cc: list are some of the folks who participated last year 
(hi marco, patrice and fred!), in the hope that they will be able to 
join us again...

we will prepare detailed instructions on how to build and configure 
icecast2 - previous streaming experience is not necessary, although it 
helps if you know your way around basic networking issues.

if you are interested, please reply to my private address only, so that 
we don't clutter people's inboxes too much. then i'll put together an 
ad-hoc cc: list or maybe we'll ask for a proper mailing list on the zkm 
server, depending on how many people are interested...

i don't have francois dechelle's current email address, perhaps someone 
could forward this mail to him.

best regards,


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