[linux-audio-user] Basic Newbie Questions - session management for qjackctl, ecamegapedal

David Haggett david at haggett.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 18 13:24:26 EST 2005

Hi, List

I'm new to Linux Audio so apologies if this is a FAQ.  I've just worked out 
how to use my PC as an effects processor (I "play" guitar - but I am getting 
better).  I'm using a Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96 soundcard and manage to get 
pretty good latency (5ms) with a stock SuSE 9.1 kernel (even running KDE!).

I use qjackctl to control the jack server, and ecamegapedal (sometimes creox) 
to supply the effects, and I've just managed to work out how to use ecasound 
from the CLI to record input and output streams (to show a Winders using 
friend what Linux can do).

There's just a couple of nagging questions that I've not managed to work out 
on my own.

1.  Is there anyway to store and recover the jack connections so I don't have 
to disconnect the defaults and repatch every time I start jack.

2.  Is there any way to save the effect settings after I've tweaked them to 
perfection in ecamegapedal, so they can be recalled (maybe I'm not using the 
best application).

Thanks in advance

David Haggett

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