[linux-audio-user] [Music] first LilyPond score

Steve D groups at xscd.com
Fri Feb 18 21:55:05 EST 2005

This is a little different. I'm housesitting all month for a 
friend in Santa Fe, New Mexico, US.

So, without all my musical equipment here, I decided to grit my 
teeth and learn a little about LilyPond, the great GNU music 
notation/engraving program for Linux/*BSD (and Windows under Cygwin).

Therefore, although this post is to share a little of my own 
made-with-Linux music, it is a visual rather than audio file-- a 
PDF document of a short piano piece I wrote ages ago in my early 
20s (and which I chose because I thought it would be fairly easy 
to notate). For anyone who might be interested, the file is here:


(the filename is "enchanted-island.pdf")

Best wishes,
Steve D, New Mexico US

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