[linux-audio-user] Basic Newbie Questions - session management for qjackctl , ecamegapedal

David Haggett david at haggett.demon.co.uk
Sat Feb 19 09:40:30 EST 2005

On Friday 18 February 2005 21:15, Florian Schmidt wrote:
> > 1.  Is there anyway to store and recover the jack connections so I don't
> > have to disconnect the defaults and repatch every time I start jack.
> qjackctl can do that with its patchbay functionality..

Oh, that's what that button is for!  Thanks, I'll give it a spin.

> > 2.  Is there any way to save the effect settings after I've tweaked them
> > to perfection in ecamegapedal, so they can be recalled (maybe I'm not
> > using the best application).
> Dunno. You might also give jack-rack a spin. It can save LADSPA effect
> setups.

Yeah, I've read a bit about jack-rack (saw it first in last month's Linux 
Format tutorial).  I'm steadily working through the dependencies needed to 
compile it.  Just beginning to realise why SuSE is updated twice a year!

I'm only on JACK 0.94.0. and (after upgrading liblrdf) I found I needed 0.99 
to compile jack-rack.  I'm worried about upgrading from source because of all 
the other programs that depend upon JACK, but it's difficult to find an RPM 
for x86_64.

David Haggett

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