[linux-audio-user] Basic Newbie Questions - session management for qjackctl , ecamegapedal

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sat Feb 19 05:56:42 EST 2005

Last Friday 18 February 2005 21:15, Florian Schmidt was like:
> > 2.  Is there any way to save the effect settings after I've tweaked them
> > to perfection in ecamegapedal, so they can be recalled (maybe I'm not
> > using the best application).

I've not used it. Surely you can save the patches somehow?

> Dunno. You might also give jack-rack a spin. It can save LADSPA effect
> setups.

It's also worth considering using either ecasound or Ardour as an effects 
host. This might sound like a sledgehammer to crack a nut, but is 
surprisingly effective. As you are already using ecasound, it might not be 
too great a step to figure out a suitable command line, which can be saved as 
a shell script. If you prefer a gui, Ardour actually does well and uses less 
resources than Jack-Rack. Jack-rack is more user-friendly if you have the 
juice to support it.


tim hall

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