[linux-audio-user] Searching for music composition tools

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Mon Feb 21 14:05:23 EST 2005

Hi James!
  Me too I'm interested in linux audio applications for blind people and my 
site http://ltsb.sf.net is concerned with this subject. I think there are some 
more people interested in the same subject, I believe there's Mario Lang, the 
guy who inspired ardour-ksi and a couple of other folks. Linux and audio is 
simply the best choice for blind users, that's my opinion. For the linux folks 
take the liberty and time to build text-based interfaces or have programming 
languages for musical applications. You don't find this in any other MODERN 
operating system. Only the old dos was completely up to that task. Did I say 
completely? No, 'cause even they had a few only graphics apps, which marked 
"high quality" products of that time. Those early graphic apps, weren't up for 
  Kindest regards and forgive my flaming temperament :-)

Music was my first love and it will be my last (John Miles)

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