[linux-audio-user] Searching for music composition tools

Mario Lang mlang at delysid.org
Tue Feb 22 12:57:53 EST 2005

james at dis-dot-dat.net writes:


> As a blind linux audio user, you're in a minority in a minority in a
> minority.

You'd be supprised how "large" that minority actually is :-).

> I don't think anyone has ever looked into this side of things,

I've raised a thread about it on LAD about a year ago or so.

> or if they have they haven't documented it.

That is true, because there isn't much to document at the moment.  Its
much more important to make developers of tools aware of the specific
problems, since the majority of linux audio apps currently is very
inaccessible per design.  Properly used OSC helps a lot there (see SC and Om).


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