[linux-audio-user] Searching for music composition tools

Luke Yelavich luke at audioslack.com
Wed Feb 23 06:05:25 EST 2005

On Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 08:56:55PM EST, Mario Lang wrote:
> If you use GTK2 as a toolkit, there is a slight chance your application
> might be useable by the same category of users since there
> is some ongoing effort to make GNOME accessible.  However, I'd like
> to emphasis that this kind of accessibility is not very widespread
> yet (only early-adopters are playing with the technology right now,
> there is a very small user-base and many bugs yet to squish before
> it gets really useable), and some blind people might
> not be happy with having to use graphical interfaces at all,
> even if there is a bit of accessibility in there.  That is mostly
> because some people feel that having to use a GUI in the first place
> is an inherent inefficiency which should be best avoided.
> I'd be more than happy to answer any questions some of
> you folks may have after reading this.  Either send my private mail,
> or through that list...  I'm also frequently on IRC as 'delYsid',
> feel free to pester me with questions about this.

I would just like to pitch in here and say that I am also happy to 
answer any questions people might have. Unlike mario who is blind, I do 
have some vision, however still rely on accessibility technology to get 
my work done. I am also on IRC as TheMuso.
Luke Yelavich
luke at audioslack.com
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