[linux-audio-user] Searching for music composition tools

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Wed Feb 23 07:12:36 EST 2005

Last Tuesday 22 February 2005 17:57, Mario Lang was like:
> > As a blind linux audio user, you're in a minority in a minority in a
> > minority.
> You'd be supprised how "large" that minority actually is :-).

And how important. :-)

I think the responses to this thread show quite accurately that the existence 
of accessibility features is a mainstream concern and also that many 
musicians do not want to be tied to graphic interfaces. I would have thought 
that most non-visual users would already make a lot of use of audio 
interfaces. As this is GNU/Linux we're all likely to end up pioneering at 
some point and having to document it for others. One of GNU/Linux's great 
strengths is its accessibility and language support. Of course there's lots 
of room for people to join in and make it stronger. I think any discussion of 
how large a minority blind linux audio users constitute is irrelevant, 
accessibility is a requirement to which we all need to pay attention.

Right, well I'd better make sure all my web pages speech render properly 
having said that hadn't I? ;-)


tim hall

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