[linux-audio-user] PD and OSC

Spencer Russell Spencer.Russell at oberlin.edu
Fri Feb 25 23:02:42 EST 2005

I've been invited to play with a 4-person laptop ensemble, and
we're planning on setting up an ad-hoc wifi network between the
computers and using OSC to send control messages between the
computers, so that we can interact with eachothers patches.
I think that everyone else is using Max/MSP and supercollider on
powerbooks, and I'm going to be using my linux laptop with PD. I
finally got the OSC external for PD installed(which was a pain
until I just found a .deb package of it), but I can't find any
documentation on how to use it. Has anyone used OSC in PD? I
can't figure out how to tell it where to send the info, and if
attach a number box to the input of "sendOSC", it gives me
"error: sendOSC: no method for 'float'" every time I change the

Thanks a lot!

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