[linux-audio-user] PD and OSC

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Feb 26 06:56:09 EST 2005

Spencer Russell hat gesagt: // Spencer Russell wrote:

> I've been invited to play with a 4-person laptop ensemble, and
> we're planning on setting up an ad-hoc wifi network between the
> computers and using OSC to send control messages between the
> computers, so that we can interact with eachothers patches.
> I think that everyone else is using Max/MSP and supercollider on
> powerbooks, and I'm going to be using my linux laptop with PD. I
> finally got the OSC external for PD installed(which was a pain
> until I just found a .deb package of it), but I can't find any
> documentation on how to use it. Has anyone used OSC in PD? I
> can't figure out how to tell it where to send the info, and if
> attach a number box to the input of "sendOSC", it gives me
> "error: sendOSC: no method for 'float'" every time I change the
> number.

You cannot send plain numbers over OSC, you need to send proper OSC

There is a help file in the CVS repository, where you hopefully
downloaded the sources for your first try. The help file should be in
the Debian package, too. Installed they should be in:


otherwise check out the CVS at pure-data.sf.net

The help files should cover your questions. 

BTW: I'd be interested in how well wifi works out. I suppose latency
will be horrible? We had good luck with real network cables in a
heterogenous setup lately.  Synchonization over OSC there worked very
well between about a dozen machines running Pd, Max or Supercollider
(mostly Pd). 

Max on Mac  had a problem with reading a lot of OSC message at the
same time though which we couldn't debug in the short time.

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