[linux-audio-user] FAVE 2005 - Call for presentations and Workshops

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 27 15:24:09 EST 2005


--- tim hall <tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk> wrote:

> Hi,
> Apologies for the crossposting, I won't make a habit
> of this.
> We're organising a User-oriented Free Audio Visual
> Event to be held in 
> Bristol, UK on August 13th 2005. This is the first
> event of its kind, so 
> there's all to play for.

This sounds like a great time. I really wish it were
possible for me to make this event. If it were, I'd be
there in a minute and maybe I'd perform or demonstrate
something but the opportunity I see is to produce a
high quality multichannel audio and multi camera video
production of the event.

During January I produced an audio/video production of
an Ardour session with a song writer, hired players,
engineers and producers. The same type of production
for FAVE would rule. Maybe we could make it happen for
a future annual occurence.

Best of luck with the event and I hope you have a
great time.

Ron Parker
Mirror Image Studios
2428 Dupont Ave. S.
MPLS, MN 55405

 If you would like to be
> involved, now would be a 
> really good time to get in touch. ;-) 
> The plan so far:
> _______________________________________
> FAVE 2005
>  Open source creativity
> Call for Presentations, Workshops and Artists
>  FAVE is a get-together for creative people who are
> interested in free
>  and open source software on Linux and other
> computer platforms. It's
>  taking place on Saturday August 13th 2005 at the
> Trinity Community &
>  Arts Centre in Bristol, UK.  Everyone is welcome,
> especially if you've never
> used this kind of software before.
>  This is no dry, dull conference! It will be an
> accessible festival of
>  fun with performances, installations and workshops.
> Topics will
>  include:
>  * Music production
>  * Sound recording
>  * Community radio and media
>  * Video art and VJ's
>  * 2D and 3D graphics
>  * Game design
>  * Creative Commons licensing
>  * Software in the Welsh language
>  There will also be an evening gig featuring
> performances from
>  artists who use Linux and free software. The
> Trinity Centre is a large
>  converted church, and a legendary music venue. It
> features a main
>  stage area, room for stalls, a cafe, bar and kids'
> corner.
>  If you would like to make a presentation, hold a
> workshop, or perform
>  at this event, please contact the organisers via
> this address:
>  fave2005 at fave.org.uk
>  or via our website:
>  http://www.fave.org.uk
> _______________________________________
> cheers!
> tim hall
> http://glastonburymusic.org.uk

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