[linux-audio-user] NO line in signal

vector vector180 at aanet.com.au
Sun Feb 27 18:31:47 EST 2005

OK the studio machine is now fully on the net after laying cat6 cable 
about etc.
I did an update upgrade and an alsaconf just to get the basics on the way.
The previous problems of alsa not starting were gone. this may have been 
the above process but it might also have been an IRQ problem. I pulled 
the sound card (sb) out noticed on reboot IRQs had reaaranged themselves.

Anyway i now have one small problem, which I have had once b4 and I 
fixed with a complete reintsall. I dont particularily want to go there 

Everything works except any audio present on the line input. I checked 
the signal from my mixer and also noticed that it was coming into the 
card and being passed on to the cards output. But no matter what i did I 
could not get it into ardour etc. I even hooked up jack.scope to the 
capture inputs with no luck. I checked the alsamixergui levels and 
settings and capture..all correct.
I was able to patch hydrogen output to ardour and scope etc.
Its as if the line input is just not getting thru.

Any ideas

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