[linux-audio-user] Ideas about work flow

Brett W. McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Tue Mar 1 10:12:15 EST 2005


I have some questions and ideas about workflow using Ardour and Jamin 
and wanted to see what other people's experiences have been in this area.

Here's the workflow I want to put into place:

Say I have 3 or 4 songs that I want to have segue into each other (i.e., 
like on most prog rock concept albums where each song flows into each 
other rather than individual tracks that are separate).  Each song is 
recorded in a separate session, since each has different 
instrumentation, tempo, atmosphere, etc.  Maybe I want to have some wind 
or sound effects or something also as part of the segue, so one song 
fades out to wind while a second song starts while the wind is still 
blowing (yeah, yeah, I know, how cliched).

Now, from here, maybe my next step would be to do initial mixes of these 
tracks to stereo WAV files, and then I build a super session and import 
the WAV files and build a playlist with the tracks, so I can get flow 
between the tracks the way I want, set crossfades, seques, etc.  Then 
perhaps I master these tracks via Jamin so I can get a good sound level 
balance between the tracks, and then record this output back into the 
Ardour session as a final mixed and mastered sequence, and thence onto 
the DAO CD mastering (where I probably would put in track markers with 
zero gaps).

Or, would I perhaps want to do some pre-mastering of the individual 
multitrack sessions first, and then mix down to stereo WAV and then 
build a playlist out of the pre-mastered tracks, then back through Jamin 
for final audio mastering, recording this back into Ardour, and then 
finally off to the CD mastering step?

-- Brett

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