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R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 1 11:26:04 EST 2005

--- "Brett W. McCoy" <idragosani at chapelperilous.net>

> Say I have 3 or 4 songs that I want to have segue
> into each other (i.e., 
> like on most prog rock concept albums where each
> song flows into each 
> other rather than individual tracks that are
> separate).  Each song is 
> recorded in a separate session, since each has
> different 
> instrumentation, tempo, atmosphere, etc.  Maybe I
> want to have some wind 
> or sound effects or something also as part of the
> segue, so one song 
> fades out to wind while a second song starts while
> the wind is still 
> blowing (yeah, yeah, I know, how cliched).
> Now, from here, maybe my next step would be to do
> initial mixes of these 
> tracks to stereo WAV files, and then I build a super
> session and import 
> the WAV files and build a playlist with the tracks,
> so I can get flow 
> between the tracks the way I want, set crossfades,
> seques, etc.

One track/playlist with all stereo mixes on it. At
this point you can easily build multitrack seques and
route them and stereo mixes to the Master bus which
routes to JAMin. Then add a second Ardour bus, name it
jam-return, and route JAMin into it and route
jam-return to your playback ports.

> perhaps I master these tracks via Jamin so I can get
> a good sound level 
> balance between the tracks, and then record this
> output back into the 
> Ardour session as a final mixed and mastered
> sequence,

An alternative is to Export Range rather than record
into a new track. It eliminates the record pass and
Export/freewheel is faster than realtime. The drawback
is that after leaving realtime priority for freewheel
the realtime priority is lost. You have to restart
jackd to get realtime back. It sucks bad but isn't a
big deal in this case because you've produced the
final product.

Having produced the final product, I like to visually
view and listen to it using Rezound. It has excellent
visual clip indication. It is not acceptable to have
even one clip. To address that concern, you can set
the JAMin limiter to -0.02.

If you plan to produce an .ogg then you'll need to
hold the amplitude around -0.05 because oggvorbis
encoding, much to my dismay, increases amplitude and
will create clipping in an otherwise perfect file.

As a last note, you could use the LADSPA OSC plugin to
automate scence changes in JAMin. This works but for
several reasons is really more a proof of concept
implementation. Reguardless, it is awesome and
eventually internal OSC should be implemented into
Ardour. Great stuff!

That's a couple things to consider. You really do have
the right production concepts.


 and thence onto 
> the DAO CD mastering (where I probably would put in
> track markers with 
> zero gaps).
> Or, would I perhaps want to do some pre-mastering of
> the individual 
> multitrack sessions first, and then mix down to
> stereo WAV and then 
> build a playlist out of the pre-mastered tracks,
> then back through Jamin 
> for final audio mastering, recording this back into
> Ardour, and then 
> finally off to the CD mastering step?
> -- Brett

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