[linux-audio-user] Skype and internet jamming/podcasting

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Fri Mar 4 21:44:59 EST 2005

Mark Constable wrote:

> Steve Harris wrote:
>> On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 at 08:10:51 +1000, Mark Constable wrote:
>>> Using it for interviews for podcasting is also an
>>> almost mandatory requirement but until someone works
>>> out how to record both ends of the conversation at
>>> the same time it's hardly worth the effort. It's the
>>> same issue for doing live jams... or at least would
>>> be all much easier to manage if using AND recording
>>> both sides of the discussion/jam, all at the same
>>> time, was feasible.
>> You can do it with JACK, just mix in each stage of the jam, and
>> forward on
>> the mix the next studio:
>> studio A ----> voip ---> mix+voip ---> studio C (endpoint + record)
>> (source)                    ^
>>                             |
>>                          studio B
> Thanks but in the case of a simple two ended voice comms,
> where one end is me with an SBlive, the other end only gets
> an echo of their own voice and cannot hear me. I can hear
> them, and their echo, just fine.
> The "other end" in my case are professional people who do
> not use linux and the perception on follow-up landline calls
> is that when they know I am using linux on my end the response
> is "hey pal, get a real computer and don't waste my time".
> Which leaves me in an embarrasing position and also with no
> one on the other end patient enough to give me feedback when
> I try to tweak alsamixer to find the right comdination.
> Sure I could use 2 computers, 2 headsets and 4 ears to try
> and work out the right alsamixer combo but I still have to
> deal with the same clueless person to try and work thru all
> the combinations on both ends.

this is with skype? then it's definitely yr alsamixer settings ... when
i've been recording and forget to change my mixer settings back to
"normal", i sometimes get problems like this on skype ... also - you
must make sure skype is the *only* app using bandwidth, otherwise you do
get echoes.

> To Mario, yes I know skype is "evil" like mp3 but there are
> too many "buts" already. iPods won't play ogg content and
> most VoIP users do not run linux. It's a sad thing on both
> counts but that's life so if I want to interact with "most
> people" I have to bend my own rules... or not play at all.

yeah ... in life, there are no absolutes :)  i'm sure, though, that
skype has the potential - in time - to be open-sourced. think about it -
the *only* thing that matters to something like VoIP is market-share ...
the more people that use *your* application, the more likely *other*
people are to use it - there's no use joining a network that has no one
to talk to ;)  i reckon (maybe with some pressure, heh heh) that once
skype has cemented its market share, then it can only benefit, and
benefit *big*, by going open source ...

that is why it's a bit silly to avoid discussion of it.

> As for real-time jamming, I can't imagine it being feasible
> in any useful way other than proofing tracks... as in side
> A plays composition, side B records it then adds extra
> content while side A then records that combination, then
> after that is recorded, said A adds their bit to the mix,
> which side B then records, and on it goes ping-pong fashion.

yeah, this would at least be something .... i was checking out the
forums, and it doesn't look like full-duplex recording will be an option
until they release an alsa-enabled version (which could be soon).

> Is their a kind and patient LAU user out there somewhere
> who would be interested in trying some skype tests ?

sure ... email me off-list, and we'll arrange it.


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