[linux-audio-user] Skype and internet jamming/podcasting

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Fri Mar 4 22:30:09 EST 2005

Shayne O'Connor wrote:
>>Thanks but in the case of a simple two ended voice comms,
>>where one end is me with an SBlive, the other end only gets
>>an echo of their own voice and cannot hear me. I can hear
>>them, and their echo, just fine.
> this is with skype?


> then it's definitely yr alsamixer settings ... 

Yes, I do supect so... my problem is "which settings" ? :-)

> when
> i've been recording and forget to change my mixer settings back to
> "normal", i sometimes get problems like this on skype ... also - you
> must make sure skype is the *only* app using bandwidth, otherwise you do
> get echoes.

I'll come out and opening admit to being incredibly dumb
so it took me DAYS to figure how to simply record into
the mic input of an SBLive, then record mic and playing
wav file with aplay at the same time, and then record
mic and midi/wavetable at the same time. I still haven't
managed to do all 3 at the same time.

> yeah ... in life, there are no absolutes :)  i'm sure, though, that
> skype has the potential - in time - to be open-sourced. think about it -
> the *only* thing that matters to something like VoIP is market-share ...
> the more people that use *your* application, the more likely *other*
> people are to use it - there's no use joining a network that has no one
> to talk to ;)  i reckon (maybe with some pressure, heh heh) that once
> skype has cemented its market share, then it can only benefit, and
> benefit *big*, by going open source ...

I would respectfully disagree with your comments. 9/10s
of the computer users on this planet are probably not
even aware of what "open source" actually means... all
most of these people care about is a) is it free and b)
does it install without any problems. skype is already
the market leader in this field, they just need to stay
in front and whether they open source their crown jewels
to give us GNU zealots a warm and fuzzy feeling is...

> yeah, this would at least be something .... i was checking out the
> forums, and it doesn't look like full-duplex recording will be an option
> until they release an alsa-enabled version (which could be soon).

Does that mean it is actually not at all possible to use
voice both ways AND record both "channels" at the same
time anyway ?


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