[linux-audio-user] Volume settings aren't saved on Gentoo system

Robert Persson ireneshusband at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 7 23:45:44 EST 2005

I am having some very basic problems with my alsa setup on my new Gentoo 

1.  I can't make my changes to the mixer settings stick and so I have to 
change them manually every time I boot up.  This is despite having the line 
'SAVE_ON_STOP="yes"' as the only uncommented line in /etc/conf.d/alsasound.

2.  I can't seem to make my Audigy2 soundcard 0 and my on-board audio 
soundcard 1, despite having

options snd cards_limit=2
options snd_emu10k1 index=0
options snd_intel8x0 index=1

in my /etc/modules.d/alsa (which is automatically used to 
generate /etc/modules.conf).

#2 is just a minor annoyance, but #1 really needs sorting out and any help 
would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Robert Persson

"No matter how much ye shake yer peg
The last wee drap rins doon yer leg."

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