[linux-audio-user] Volume settings aren't saved on Gentoo system

Michael Wagner mw at wasted.ch
Tue Mar 8 02:11:57 EST 2005

Quoting Robert Persson <ireneshusband at yahoo.co.uk>:

> 1.  I can't make my changes to the mixer settings stick and so I have to
> change them manually every time I boot up.  This is despite having the line
> 'SAVE_ON_STOP="yes"' as the only uncommented line in /etc/conf.d/alsasound.

>From what I understand, you have two soundcards, right? I had the same problem
once, because 'alsactl store' and 'alsactl restore' only worked on one card,
although it said, that if it's called without a card specified, it should
save/restore the settings of both cards...
You could probably solve it by editing your Alsa-Startup-Script (probably
/etc/init.d/alsasound) and replace the 'alsactl store' with 'alsactl -c 0
store; alsactl -c 1 store' and the same with the restore part.

Well... before doing that, I'd take a look at the help-output of alsactl, I'm
not sure if the above syntax is right, and I can't check it right now, because
I'm writing this mail on a...nother OS...


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