[linux-audio-user] is Bristol JACK enabled? - Hallelujah! (kind of)

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Mon Mar 14 07:30:19 EST 2005

Tobias Ulbricht wrote:

>As far as my experience goes, if Bristol provides an ALSA midi sequencer port, it'll automatically show up in qjackctl.
>Am I right?
>If so, jack does not really do MIDI handling/sequencing, I guess.
The MIDI Connections patchbay in QJackCtl is a nice convenience, it's 
not a fundamental aspect of JACK itself. The MIDI patchbay represents 
(IIRC) the status of the ALSA sequencer. If Bristol is not an ALSA 
sequencer client then it will not display in the MIDI patchbay, though 
as a JACK client it will appear in the Audio Connections tab.

As far as I know, at this point JACK has nothing to do with MIDI.



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