[linux-audio-user] Re: Anyone interested in helping with melotron

Juhana Sadeharju kouhia at nic.funet.fi
Thu Mar 17 15:19:45 EST 2005

>> >   At http://freepats.opensrc.org there is a mellotron sample in the flac
>> > format.
>> Here is a link to a draft SoundFont. No loop points were set,
>> but looping is engaged. Approximately 12.3Mb.
>As for looping, in the meanwhile a friendly guy from the italian
>newsgroup it.comp.musica has done a looped version of the reed:
>www.viandanze.com/materiale/mello.sf2 (~3.7 Mb)

Is this last sf2 based on the flac version? How complete the original
flac version is? Have the Mellotron tapes recorded from start to end?
Have the end been faded-out after digitization? Is the end of audio
the original end on the tapes or has somebody clipped the digitization?

I'm only curious. Main thing is that the digitization has the start and
as much as possible the sustained sound.

I would suggest to use the original non-looped version for most proper
sound. Not only because it is what Mellotron generated but also because
the non-looped sounds are better than the looped sounds.

Hmm... I have heard a Fairlight II sound library on CD with very bad
post-made looping. People who have no glue how to make the sample CDs
should not make and sell them.

Now, anyone have Fairlight II or III? Orchestron?

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